OTC Cosmetics

Both Cosmetic and Drug products

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has created a seismic shift in living and shopping habits worldwide. Cosmetics have borne a significant brunt of this shake-up. Some smart cosmetic companies will be boosting the production of hand soap and hand sanitizers, as demand outstrips supply.

However, with an increased use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers and foaming hand soaps, we can anticipate consumers wanting to counteract dryness and irritation.

Are considered drug products as well as cosmetics:

■ Sunscreens
■ Anti-acne products
■Topical analgesics
■ Antiperspirants
■ Dandruff products
■ Hair growth / hair loss products
■ Fluoride toothpaste

Manufacturers, exporters, and importers of these products must be registered with the FDA as Drug Establishments. ITB HOLDINGS LLC can help.

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