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Canned Food

Before you export any acidified food (AF) or low-acid canned food (LACF) product to the United States, register your company with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, to avoid the detention of your shipment.


ITB HOLDINGS LLC provides the following services to domestic and foreign companies that are manufacturers, exporters, warehouses, importers, or distributors:

■ Food Facility Registration

■ Food Canning Establishment (FCE) Registration

■ Process Filing (SID)

■ U.S. Agent Service

■ Prior Notice

■ Label Review

■ Label Design

FDA requires commercial processors of shelf stable acidified foods and low-acid canned foods in a hermetically sealed container to be sold in the United States to

■ register each establishment

■ and file scheduled processes for each product, product style, container size and type and processing method.

Submission Identifier – SID numbers (SIDs) must be submitted as Affirmation of Compliance (AofC) codes when importing acidified foods and low-acid canned foods into the United States.

should verify that their suppliers FCE registration is current.

Better Process Control School (BPCS)

Manufacturers of low-acid foods must use certified equipment, have received proper training at a “Better Process Control School” and keep extensive records as specified by federal regulations.

Approved courses are offered online in the United States as well as several countries, in 2 day workshop (acidified only) or a 3 1/2 day workshop for the entire course. Click here for list.

The canning process must be reviewed and certified by a Recognized Process Authority.

A Recognized Process Authority is any person recognized to have the training, experience and equipment needed to determine or verify the sufficiency of a thermal process. This person serves as an independent information resource for both the processor and regulatory agencies. Recognized Process Authorities may be affiliated with private companies, universities or trade organizations.