Before you export any dietary supplements to the United States, register your company with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, to avoid the detention of your shipment.


ITB HOLDINGS LLC provides the following services to domestic and foreign companies that are manufacturers, exporters, warehouses, importers, or distributors:

■ Supplement Facility Registration

■ Foreign Supplier Verification Program

■ U.S. Agent Service

■ Prior Notice

■ Label Review

■ Label Design

Most Food Facility Registrations are completed within 72 hours after your payment is received. Same Day Service is also available, when needed and requested.

All domestic and foreign companies that manufacture, package, label or hold dietary supplement, including those involved with testing, quality control, and dietary supplement distribution in the U.S., must comply with the Dietary Supplement Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs) for quality control.

In addition, the manufacturer, packer, or distributor whose name appears on the label of a dietary supplement marketed in the United States is required to submit to FDA all serious adverse event reports associated with use of the dietary supplement in the United States.


A dietary supplement is a product that :

is intended to supplement the diet
contains one or more dietary ingredients (including vitamins; minerals; herbs or other botanicals; amino acids; and other substances) or their constituents
is intended to be taken by mouth as a pill, capsule, tablet, or liquid; and
is labeled on the front panel as being a dietary supplement.


A product sold as a dietary supplement and promoted on its label or in labeling as a treatment, prevention or cure for a specific disease or condition would be considered an unapproved illegal drug.

Biennial Registration Renewal

All Food Facilities must renew their registration between October 1 and December 31, 2020.